Bubble Island Wiki

Shipwreck stage gameplay.

On Bubble Island each level starts out with a pre-configured arrangement of colored bubbles on a rectangular "playfield" that need to be either "popped" or "dropped" in order to clear the stage. At the bottom of the screen the player controls a cannon that shoots one colored bubble at a time. When three or more bubbles of matching color are connected they "pop" and dissappear from the playfield. If bubbles are popped that have no other connection above them, they are "dropped" from the playfield.


Currently there are 10 stages each with their own theme and increasing difficulty. Each stage has an increasing number of levels with playable 70 levels in total.

For more information please see the Stages page.


Bubble Island has introduced the concept of Lives into the bubble-shooter genre. When a player dies while progressing through a stage a life can be used to retry the level. If the player runs out of lives he or she must restart at the beginning of that stage. Lives are awarded based on how many games you and your friends have played in total. The more friends you have, and the more times they play, the more lives you get. So it is beneficial to have many friends playing Bubble Island.

For more information please see the Lives page.


Progression through a stage can not be saved without the use of Flags. Flags are "save points" within a stage that you can restart from when you die. The more friends you have playing the easier it becomes to get the flags.

For more information please see the Flags page.


Scores are calculated on a number of factors including how many bubbles were popped, how many were dropped, shots made that bounced off the wall, total number of shots, time and more. For each level completed a final score is given. This point value is then added to your overall score. Your rank amongst your friends is calculated based on overall score.

For more information please see the Scoring page.