Mountain 9-9

In the Mountain stage there are 11 playable levels. Each one is increasingly more difficult than the next.


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The two ceiling anchors can only be hit after the central mass has been eliminated.

Users should start off by clearing the bottom, this is important for clearing space to stack balls to bide time, as well as to stop from hitting the bottom, because it is necessary for the middle giant mass to get very low before it can be severed.

Once the bottom has been cleaned off, users should bide their time and try to destroy (via creating 3) the colours inside the central mass which they will not need to sever.

Once the central mass is low enough, the angle of the shot will be adequate to begin severing the central mass from the higher mass on the right side, because it is closer to the right side.

Once the right side is severed, the level must lower some more, and finally an angle opens up to eliminate the left anchor of the central mass.

Once the central mass drops, the top mass is easily eliminated via two anchors at the top, which are comparatively easy to aim at (even directly) once the challenge of the middle mass has been passed.


As far as I can tell, this level is impossible. Anyone have an idea? User: 13:59, August 28, 2010

  • No sorry, the kids can do it but B * if I can, don't like being beaten! User: 16:26, January 8, 2011



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